Our goal is to help organizations put together powerful learning solutions that last long, create value, and achieve results.

Our approach to eLearning has been strategic from the onset. We know that it takes more than great developers to build effective learning solutions. That's why for the last two decades we've been consistently acquiring expertise in Education, Pedagogy, Learning Techniques, Knowledge Engineering, e-Learning, and Neural Techniques.

This multifaceted approach combines sound learning methodologies, fresh technologies and dashing design; a symbiotic relationship that guarantees winning products and happy customers.

Our History

Founded by Dr. Claude Frasson, uMind has earned international recognition as a visionary and opinion leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence and e-Learning. Noted for its first commercial application of Intelligent Tutoring Systems, uMind is connected with both academic and industrial communities.

Dr. Claude Frasson

As foudner of uMind and Virtuel Age International, Dr. Frasson is also the founder of the Intelligent Tutoring System Conference (ITS), a forum for the interchange of ideas in all areas of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Learning. Since 1988, ITS attracts over 500 researchers worldwide on a bi-annual basis

Dr. Frasson is at the head of the Heron Laboratory and the GRITI, a group of 75 multidisciplinary researchers across 7 North American universities whose main focus resides in Intelligent Tutoring Systems, a domain which regroups Artificial Intelligence, Education, Pedagogy, Learning techniques, Knowledge Engineering, e-Learning, and Neural Techniques. GRITI’s ultimate goal is to understand how the brain produces, stores and retrieves knowledge while recent research focuses on Emotional Intelligence. Some of Dr. Frasson’s accomplishments figure below:

Some of Dr. Frasson’s accomplishments figure below:

  • Over 300 publications and 4 books
  • Founder of the Intelligent Tutoring System Conference
  • International expert for the World Bank
  • International expert for United Nations
  • Scientific Adviser for Revenue Canada Scientific
  • Adviser for the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology Canada
  • Member of the Scientific Board Committee of Bell Canada, Northern Telecom, Bell Northern Research
  • Mission leader for the Government of Guinea and Sierra Leone
  • Adviser to the Government of Senegal
  • Referee for the Ministry of Industry (Paris)
  • Member of the Executive Steering Committee of internationally renowned Scientific Associations
  • Doctorat d’État in Computer Science from University of Nice (France, 1981)
  • Professor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Education) at the University of Montreal for the last 20 years.
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